Re: Indivisible Proj - American Community
From: Grace Benjamin (
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 09:46:13 -0700 (MST)
Actually, Fred- this is of great interest to me!

I am planning on taking a ten week tour of American intentional communities
this summer.  I have a list of eight must sees, but would like suggestions
from folks about other places I should go as well.  I intend to do some
writing as well as videotaping, and photo essays of the places I visit.  My
focus is to look at family life in community, compare wealthier places with
poorer ones, and look at what it all means for children growing up in
community.  I don't plan on anything quite as fancy as the indivisible
project- just my son, me, a friend or two and an old stationwagon.

If anybody would like to suggest communities (not just co-housing either)
that may have something to tell me about family life, and how kids are
growing up there- please drop me a line off list.  I'll be travelling from
June 18th through August 24th of this year.  If there is interest- I'll post
my itenerary when it is finalized.

Peace and blessings to everyone!


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