Cohousing communities with security gates (cont)
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Hi all,

I posted the message below on January 8, and by the 9th, the only
responses to the list I received (got more direct responses) were those
from Liz Stevenson, Southside Park Coho, and Kay Argyle, Wasatch Commons.  
If anyone else was so kind as to respond to the list to my inquiry, I
didn't receive anything.  Would you mind resending?

Thanks so much!

Mary Beth Faccioli
East Lake Commons
Atlanta, GA

Hello kind people,

As I understand it, many cohousing communities have been developed in =
transitional urban or suburban neighborhoods, or in urban or suburban =
neighborhoods that are charictarized by factors such as higher crime, =
lower income, racially/ethnically diverse populations, etc.  I am =
interested in collecting data on the number of cohousing communities in =
this kind of neighborhood (as opposed to an affluent neighborhood or rural =
area), and am specifically interested to know how many in this situation =
have chosen to put up a security gate around their community.   If folks =
wouldn't mind sending me (off-list, and I can summarize if there's =
interest) information about their communities in this regard, or any other =
relevant stories about discussions, issues, etc. you've had in your =
communities related to this topic, I would be grateful.  Also if anyone =
knows where information like this has been collected, this info would also =
be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,=20

Mary Beth Faccioli
East Lake Commons
Atlanta, GA

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