Re: Cohousing and small businesses (cont)
From: Robyn Williams (
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 16:14:21 -0700 (MST)
Our small examples are:

Jenny is a sole parent who runs a 'family day-care' - all of the community
pre-schoolers spend part of the week there enabling their sole-parent Mums
some time-out and chance to work part-time.

Jozina holds drumming classes in her spacious loft

Organic fruit and vegie guy - Werner picks fresh at his farm on Fri morning
and sells in our car-park in the afternoon to the community and neighbours.

The not-for-profit Federation of Housing Collectives shares our office from
where they facilitate the networking and advocaacy of the housing co-op
sector in WA.

Others working from home are: data-base designer, transcription service,
graphic designer, social change agent, night carer and lynch pin for team of
day carers (some are residents) for Debbie and about once a week I stay at
home doing co-op development.

Gosh, it adds up.  I just wish we had more space for more opportunities (and
more houses!)

Robyn Williams

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