RE: Playroom(s)
From: Rowenahc (
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 17:00:10 -0700 (MST)
We have two small connected rooms off the dining room which are set up for
small children.  One has active toys for building, a "kitchen" area, art
supplies, dressup clothes, etc. and a small, low, working sink.  The other
room has a couch, cushions and books and is intended for quieter activities.
there is a half bath separating the two rooms.  They are heavily used during
meals (yes!) and meetings and are the location for play groups and general
wet weather playing.  Parents are responsible for seeing things are picked
up when their kids have used the room and it mostly works OK.

Down in the basement we have a "rec" room which has a ping pong table and
pool table and a couple of honky tonk pianos (we have a good piano in the
living room) as well as a carpeted area with bean bag chairs, board games
and stuff; there's also a TV but I'm not sure it works!  This is where some
of the older kids hang out after school and it also provides a space for
little guys to scooter around in wet/icy weather while parents are doing the
laundry and such.   It also gets used for community art projects and we keep
trying to organize tai chi classes there!

We also have a library, which is a pleasant small room on the first floor
with a splendid collection of books, a table and chairs, which some of the
teens use for homework after school as well as for small meetings.  The
living room gets used for cards and board games but we don't encourage
active playing there.

Cambridge Cohousing


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