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Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 14:05:37 -0700 (MST)
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One of the things I have not seen as much of as I would have expected is
cohousing exchanges. Last year my family and I were graciously hosted by a
number of communities as we traveled around and I was surprised that when
I asked, not many cohousing residents actually ever get over to visit the
cohousing group down the street, much less go to a dinner, or spend a
night. I would have thought exchanges would have such huge learning value
but I guess that isn't an interest in many other people who live in
cohousing already.
For example we stayed in some nice guest rooms and almost all the former
guests had been cohousing seekers, not people who already live in
cohousing in other places. It seems like if you are traveling somewhere,
its a great opportunity to stay in a cohousing guest space and see what
things they have learned.
I would  love to see a couple of cohousing groups  work out an exchange
system, but given my experiences, I am doubtful that it will actually
happen. Once people move in, the majority seem to lose all interest in
anything but their own place.
Rob Sandelin

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