results of security gate inquiry
From: Mary E. Faccioli (
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 13:55:40 -0700 (MST)
Hi everyone,
A few people asked me to post the results of my inquiry earlier in the month 
regarding cohousing communities in transitional neighborhoods and the 
prevalence of security gates in response to crime.  I heard back from 6 
communities, 5 of which described themselves as being "transitional," or 
surrounded by racial/ethnic/socio-economic diversity, or in areas with some 
degree of crime that occurs.  None of the 6 communities that responded have 
security gates.  

I have decided to take this inquiry a step further since I am very curious 
about this question and also interest was indicated among respondents.  So I am 
in the process of contacting all of the communities listed on the cohousing 
network directory with the same questions.  I will post results to this list 
when they're in.  As it's going so far, I've heard back from about 25 
additional communities.  Most communities are in more rural settings without 
crime problems.  Others are in more rural/suburban areas.  No one has yet 
responded that they have chosen to put up a security gate.  

East Lake Commons, located in a very transitional Atlanta neighborhood, is a 
developer-driven community, and does have a security gate.  Our developer made 
the decision to put it up, since it was necessary for him to get construction 
loans.  Several families moved in because they felt the gate would certainly 
stay, and they wouldn't have moved in otherwise.  Now that construction is 
complete and our HOA has taken control of decision making, other community 
members want to either get rid of it, or keep it open at least sometimes in the 
spirit of compromise.  It was my suspicion that East Lake Commons is in a 
league of its own as far as being a gated community, thus my interest in the 

Thanks everyone for your input.  Please feel free to e-mail me off list if 
anyone has any further anecdotes to share, comments, questions, etc.

In community,

Mary Beth Faccioli
East Lake Commons
Atlanta, GA

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