Looking for established or new community!
From: Jasmine Gold (juturnaix.netcom.com)
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 18:23:01 -0700 (MST)
> I need info. regarding established, or currently forming cohousing
> communities in CA, pref. within 2 hrs. of San Francisco region....Looking to
> relocate.  Ideal situation is a diverse group of people in an affordable
> community that's close to work, school & culture opportunities.   PLS. HELP!!!

Sonoma County Cohousing has a site in Cotati and is at about the same
stage as Oak Creek Commons in Paso Robles. We are expecting to start
construction in the fall or next spring. We have approximately 20
children ages 8 and under. We currently have 5 units that are sort of
available. 2 of them are 2-bedroom units that we are expecting to be
affordable housing units. The income qualification for affordable
housing in Sonoma County is quite high. These units are not yet being
marketed until we get funds for them from the City. The other 3 units
are 3-bedroom units. We are currently forming a waiting list for them
until we sort out some new issues on the city's inclusionary housing
requirements. The 2 bedrooms will probably be in the low $200,000's. The
3-bedrooms in the upper $200,000's.

See http://www.sonic.net/~erisw/socoho.html for more information.

--Jasmine Gold, Sonoma County Cohousing (SoCoHo)
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