Re: When world(view)s collide
From: Hans Tilstra (
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 00:51:01 -0700 (MST)
> > I'm wondering if anyone out there has had experience reconciling
> > different world views into a consensus.

Daily. Sometimes I experiment with swapping world views too. Mind you, it
depends on the (implied) consent I have with the group I'm working with. I
don't do "work" with my family, or people I develop housing with. I will do
"work" with clients who come to me when I'm enroled as a counsellor or group

In cohousing, the most common example is the use of Edward De Bono's Six
Thinking Hats. Then there's Keirsey's four temperaments (the Idealist, the
Guardian etc.), the classic devil's advocate and the angel. Most often I
work with the particular stakeholders relevant to the issue. So, with
cohousing it might be the developer, the neighbour, the sceptical partner,
the cynical colleague, the burning soul, the bank manager. It is helpful at
times to enact a role, as cohousing groups can be so polite, with
participants conveying a sense they have to show everyone how "co" they can
be. This level of collusion may not always be helpful.

:-) Hans

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