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From: Mary Ellen Wessels (
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 17:27:02 -0700 (MST)
I saw this on another list I am on and it sounded really interesting! (I'd be 
tempted if my
life circumstances didn't prevent it!)  I thought perhaps there might be 
someone on the coho-l
list that might be interested!
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Please forward to anyone you think might be interested.

I am an agent and publicist who works for the trio Rebecca Riots
( and singer-songwriter Allette Brooks
(  Both tour extensively in the United
States.  I'm looking for someone who is interested in learning the skills
necessary to book and promote themselves or other artists by interning at a
rural Ecovillage.

About the internship:
The intern would come to Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage for 2-4 months during
the summer or fall to help out with and learn the following skills:
planning and publicizing a CD release, preparing publicity materials,
booking, and tour planning.  One would be expected to work 15-20 hours a
week in these areas, and 10-12 hours a week helping grow, prepare or
preserve food.  The balance of time can be spent learning and working on
the Ecovillage in general or on personal projects.

Work (and fun) takes place in an office in a beautiful,
temperature-controlled, strawbale cabin with electricity supplied by solar
panels.  A computer can be supplied if necessary.

The intern would receive food, camping facilities, and access to the
benefits of our Ecovillage (including computer and Internet resources,
travel to nearby cities, our ecology- and community-oriented library, 280
mostly unpopulated acres, etc).  There is a strong culture of music here,
with regular singalongs, dances, house concerts by traveling musicians etc.

About the Ecovillage:
Dancing Rabbit ( is a growing community of
people who live together to demonstrate ecological sustainability.  We grow
our food organically, build our homes out of strawbales and other natural
materials, only use renewable sources for electricity and run our cars on a
fuel made from vegetable oil.  We host interns every year in a variety of
areas, though this is the first time we are offering an internship not
directly related to our mission.

Dancing Rabbit has a dynamic, fun and intense social environment.  Meals
are primarily vegan and vegetarian. Interns will need to provide their own
lodging in some fashion (though tents may be available); in the past, most
interns have camped. Our solar showers, common spaces and composting
outhouses provide other necessary amenities.

To apply, please contact me via email (rachel [at] or phone
(660-883-5390).  I will be out of the country and out of touch April 8 -
May 1.

Rachel Katz
rachel [at]
Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Rutledge, MO

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