Oakland, CA Retrofit Cohousing Workshop 5/12
From: Fred H Olson (fholsoncohousing.org)
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 09:50:01 -0600 (MDT)
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Intro to Retrofit Cohousing by Cohousing Consultants

Sat, May 12, 10am-1pm
Temescal Creek Cohousing, home of Karen Hester
320 45th St, Upstairs, gate off driveway, cross street is Broadway, Oakland
(across from Oakland Tech High School)

o Cost is $10 for Ecology Center members, $15 non-members, 
  $20 nonmembers with copy of Cohousing Journal: Cohousing at 10 Years 
  $15 for members with copy of Cohousing Journal
o Please rsvp by Wed, May 9th by email or phone at 510-654-6346 so I can
  better prepare
o Please invite friends that you think would be interested
o Children over the age of 2  Please get a babysitter--thank you!
o If you plan to attend please fill out the profile below.

9:30 am  coffee/tea/bagels/schmoozing
10am-10:30   group intros
10:30-11am  intro to retrofit coho with emphasis on East Bay
11am-11:45    presentation and questions by realtor Diane Ohlsson
11:45-12:15    how to form a coho group/what are criteria and next steps
12:15-12:3      tour of Temescal Creek Cohousing

Cohousing Consultants Profile

Name __________________________

Partner Name____________________

Kids? or anyone else living with you?
How many? _______ Ages

Address _____________________________________

City _____________Zip _________

Phone (h) (510)____________________

(w) (   ) ____________________

email __________________________________

Partner Phone (h) (     )_________________

(w) (   ) ____________________

email __________________________________

Please rank (1-?) the following in terms of location where you╣d like to be
in cohousing:

North Oakland
West Oakland
Downtown Oakland
Grand Lake
East Oakland
Oakland Hills
Berkeley Hills
Berkeley flatlands
Albany/El Cerrito
San Francisco

Please rank the following in terms of importance in choosing a site:

Affordable (ex: under $200K for 2 bedroom, 1 bath)
Within 1 mile of BART or popular bus line
Large outdoor space
│Safe▓ neighborhood
Good local public schools
A fixer-upper where I can get sweat equity

The values that most draw me to cohousing are:

The issues that seem most challenging in cohousing are:

My current housing situation is: (indicate all that apply)

being evicted in next 6 months
living with partner   living with kids, parents

I/We am/are looking for a unit that costs:

up to $100,000
up to $150,000
up to $175,000
up to $200,000
up to $225,000
up to $250,000
up to $275,000
up to $300,000
over $300,000

I/We have been preapproved for a loan for _________________
My/Our mortgage broker is _________________________________

I/We want to have moved into a cohousing situation:
within 6 months
within 1 year
within 1 1/2 years
within 2 years

Ideally, I/We see ourselves living with ____(how many) other households

I/We see ourselves as having meetings how many times a month to reach our
goal of securing a site?

Other useful info about me/us:

Please email to Karen Hester at Hesternet [at] jps.net or send to 320 45th St,
Oakland, CA  94609

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