I never join a club that would have me for a member...
From: Jeanne Goodman (jeannegoodmanyahoo.com)
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 15:51:02 -0600 (MDT)
Namaste All,

This is Jeanne Goodman of the Jamaica Plain Cohousing group in
Massachusetts. A member of our Business Committee brought up a really good
point that I thought you might be able to helps us out with. Please keep in
mind this is hypothetical.

What should we do if someone wants to join the community and we don't like
the individual? Apparently there was one group that was almost pulled apart
because someone wanted to join who was very demanding, opinionated and

We have been advised that this is a self-selecting process and those kind of
members would probably drop out on their own, but we thought it best to have
a proactive, fall-back solution in case this does not happen.

Should we have a selection committee? Are there any legal ramifications
associated with rejections?
What are some of your experiences of things we should avoid doing?

Any advice will be GREATLY appreciated.

Jeanne (jgoodman [at] bigfoot.com)

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