RPrivate? Public? or something in between?
From: Sharon Villines (sharonvillinesprodigy.net)
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 08:24:00 -0600 (MDT)
> Our paths have proven attractive to our surrounding neighborhood, and kids on
> bikes, people walking dogs, and strollers are a common sight.  Not hordes of
> people, but enough to cause serious concern on the part of some of our
> members when bikes are driven too fast, etc.

We are having the same problem in Takoma Village. Not as great because we
don't have the winding paths but the kids in the neighborhood have
discovered the steps down to the parking lot and are using skate boards
there. We are also having people cruise the property during the night and
stealing bikes that are left unlocked.

Same  issue, open or closed? Wait it out?

Sharon Villines
Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC

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