Re: Quorum
From: Barbara M. Kelly (
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 09:45:01 -0600 (MDT)
While I agree with you in principle, I have to point out that one of our late 
lamented boards was headed by a guy who preferred to do things his way and saw 
input from the other members as a nuisance to be avoided.   
He became a past master at scheduling meetings at times when it was almost 
impossible for anyone, let alone everyone, to attend.  Ours is a summer place, 
with people converging from as far South as Florida and as far West as Missouri 
in June and leaving in early September.   Summer meetings were logical; winter 
meetings presented a major difficulty for those who lived at a distance.  He, 
living  locally, saw no problem with scheduling meetings all year long ― and 
then loading the winter agendae with projects dear to his heart.

Because we had a set of by-laws that clearly stated our quorum, he could 
schedule his weirdly timed meetings, but he could not finalize any of the 
business conducted at them unless there was a quorum present.   Without the 
quorum requirement, he could have pushed through such niceties as a "temporary" 
salary for him as president when his union went on strike.  He did push this 
one to the limit, but was restrained by the rules.

 I strongly urge you to establish a quorum.
Barbara Kelly

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