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Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 21:40:03 -0600 (MDT)
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<< > I think it must be confusing to break decisions down into class one and 
> two, with one type of decision being made by each unit having only one vote
> and the other by each adult having one vote.  Maybe not.

It works if you think of decisions having financial and legal obligations.
No one should be able to make commitments (non-owners) that others (owners)
have to fulfill. A decision to raise condo fees should only be made by the
people who pay them, but decisions about meals and other community work
issues should be made by those who have to fulfill them.

Sharon >>

Actually, at Pathways, only owners have a vote on all topics, financial, 
legal and otherwise.  Put another way, only an owner can block consensus.  
Renters don't have any blocking rights.  We do have neighbors who are 
associated with us in that they pay partial fees and can use the common 
grounds and can participate in almost all aspects of community life, but our 
lawyer strongly advised us against giving them consensus blocking rights.  

On the other hand, any member, associate neighbor or renter who has been to a 
meeting or two can participate in discussions and put up a stink if they 
don't like the proposal.  For some issues that's enough to rethink the 

    Roger Berman
    Northampton, MA
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