Re: Private? Public? or something in between?
From: Racheli&John (
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 09:36:02 -0600 (MDT)
** Reply to note from "Hans Tilstra" <tilstra [at]> Tue, 5 Jun 
2001 10:56:03 +1000
> "Cohousing is not a public service" (Rob Sandelin November 2000)
>From Racheli
Sonora Cohousing
Hi Hans,

You wrote:   

> I wouldn't want to deprive the surrounding community of the awareness that
> there is a price that comes with having a conventional housing solution.

Most of the people who live near us couldn't afford a unit in
Sonora even if they were dying to join!  I think quite a few
cohousing communities are located in places where there
is a socio-economic discrepancy between the coho dwellers
and the neighbors.  Simply barring neighbors might mean
not having any friends around once one leaves the boundaries
of the community.  I think this is short-sighted, and certainly
not what many of us are looking for in terms of integration
into the larger community.


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