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Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 05:53:01 -0600 (MDT)
Every house in the Tierra Nueva cohouseing project had conduit to most rooms, all leading to the phone box. The houses we inspected early(read: mine and the other lan director's), had string, while most other houses either did not, or the string had broken/rotted. Most times, especialy if they wanted access upstairs, "fish tape" (wire designed to be pushed through turns in conduit) would not go the whole distace before it had encounted too many turns to continue.

Luckily, we had wired all the telephony with cat 5, and all houses had 4 available wires. So we have a mix of pulled cables and 10baseT through the cat5 phonelines.

Inside, we have one 24 port linksys hub, a few smaller 10 base T hubs for extra capacity and for mac computers that do not have an option to got to 10baseT by default(all macs are out of 100baseT range).

Sadly, our router is a mere 5 port linksys, which is really made to service 5 people. But it works, and the whole comunity can use one DSL line without much problem. Hopefully this will be switched to cable when the DSL lease expires, as cable has proven faster, more reliable, larger in bandwidth and cheaper.

We may have cable and DSL coexisting via a linux box and the linksys, however more and more its seeming as the linux box would need to be the primary gateway, and this is undesirable based on its sub par hardware, which could fail while a lan guy isn't awake, present, etc.

-Tierra Nueva Lan Guy

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