Re: Ethernet and intra-networking for cohousing
From: Peter Scott (
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 18:21:01 -0600 (MDT)
Is there any way to moniter traffic through the DSL router to generate 
household billing, or is it just a case of splitting the bill evenly?.

I too like the idea of sticking with a hardware router as opposed to the linux 
box solution, although the latter with proxy server software may the solution 
to the billing thing. Could the PC just moniter traffic, not act as a server?

Im just so totally inspired by the breadth and depth of knowledge by 
participants on this list, on so many subjects. Community empowerment at work!

Ive spent at least 8 weeks trying to research this subject, and got responses 
ranging from network professionals who wouldnt touch it for under $20K to 
people who think they know but dont. Thank you, thank you, all!

BTW the archive url for this thread so far is
[search phrase= 2001 and (ethernet or "lan") ]

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