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From: Gary.Stewart (
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 17:21:02 -0600 (MDT)
We haven't moved into our community yet (first house expected to be
available soon tho), but I would have thought that 25-50% attendance at
regular ongoing meetings is probably pretty good.

Most organisations have committees that represent a tiny fraction of members
so why should cohousing be totally different.

We have a quorum requirement and circulate minutes promptly.  We also have a
safeguard that anyone not present at a particular meeting can revisit any
issue that a decision has been made on at the NEXT meeting only.

We also sometimes decide that a matter needs wider consultation (ie with
people not present) and do something about that.

There are many decisions that are made in my absence, and I'm happy about
that, and I generally believe that if I don't turn up I'm accepting the
'authority' of those present to decide.  This part of my understanding of
and committment to cohousing

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> We have the same problem at Windsong Cohousing (i.e. poor attendance).
> of about 60 adults we typically get between 15 and 30 showing up for
> community meetings.  Often it's the same people showing up.
> This would not be a serious problem if those who did not show up followed
> the agreements made by those who did

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