RE: Households Sponsoring Outside Groups in the Commonhouse
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 22:48:01 -0600 (MDT)
Sharingwood has 32 households, which includes 8 rental households. Our
commonhouse use policy is currently under review and there is a proposal
drafting to change several elements of it. Thus I will answer the question
twice, once for our current agreement, and include what it proposed we
change (which we have not agreed to yet)

Is there any limit as to how many times a household may decide to reserve
the Common House for their own use?

Our current agreement is 2 times for free, then we charge a small amount per
use. $20. It is proposed that this pay limit is removed.

Are different types of requests treated differently?   A household using the
Common House for personal entertaining? A household using the Common House
for commercial purposes?  Or activities which have the support of several or
more households?

Yes, in our current agreement, outside activities are charged $20 per hour
for use. Under the new proposal, it changes to $20 per use and outside
activities have to be scheduled 45 days in advance. (this much advance
notice seemed to get a lot of replies on the proposal so I suspect this will
be reduced.)

How many evenings a week do you find that your Common House can be scheduled
each week before members feel invaded?

Our commonhouse is very underused, rarely used by outside groups so this has
not been a problem as far I have ever  heard.

Rob Sandelin

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