Re: Social connectedness campaign
From: Hans Tilstra (
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 17:42:02 -0600 (MDT)
One of the more elusive but valuable contributions of cohousing is the
potential for well being. In today's paper, the State government here
acknowledged the importance of social connectedness.

"A 30-year investment in the social, emotional and spiritual well-being of
Victorians begins today with a public health campaign spearheaded by a
$420,000 media blitz.

VicHealth, funded by the Victorian State Government, will run
advertisements about the benefits of social connectedness, economic
participation and freedom from discrimination and violence, reminiscent of
public health messages about smoking and AIDS awareness.

Among the first of its kind in the world, the campaign will include warnings
such as, "Hostility can harm you", and "Dramas do damage". It makes explicit
links between hostility, stress and serious physical illness, and says
social isolation can significantly weaken the immune system.

The long-term investment in mental health includes the creation of a centre
for mental health research, to be funded for 10 years, and a statewide
network of organisations to promote mental health by running local programs.

VicHealth chief executive Rob Moodie said the foundation had drawn on
research that found socially isolated people died at two or three times the
rate of people with a network of relationships."

C. SALTAU (12 June 2001 ) "Blitz on for mental health"

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