Re: Informal and Planned Use of Common House
From: Jim Snyder-Grant (
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 06:43:04 -0600 (MDT)
Becky from Sonora cohousing asked:

"How much does your common house get used for infomal events?..."

-A few times a week for ping pong (all ages) or Foosball (mostly preteens).

-Once a week or so, the after-dinner hang-out goes on so long I'd call it a
separate event. That's a combination of adults and some teens hanging out
talking & kids in various places inside & outside the commonhouse playing.

-During the school year, there have been clusters of times (a few times a
month?) when small collections of teens get together to do homework projects
in the CH.

-Occaisonally I go down to the CH for a cup of tea and some reading when my
wife is napping in the late afternooon, on the weekends. Perhaps others do
something similar - it's a pretty invisible activity.

-There's a woodshop in the basement that gets used by the authorized users
for projects at various times.

Jim Snyder-Grant
jimsg [at]
18 Half Moon Hill
Acton MA 01720
New View Cohousing

-Where we are starting to conspire to have the Jamaica Plain (Boston)
cohousing group have its common house programming session here in July, with
Chris ScottHanson.
-Where a neighbor recently had laser eye surgery, and groups of us sat
around at various meals, hearing all the cool & gross details.
-Where we recently discovered yet another way of making the smoke alarms go
off in the CH, which automatically summons the fire department - have a
couple of smoky grills outside the kitchen, on the porch, with the doors
open & the wind in the right direction.
-Where we are discussing a proposal to color-code the parking spaces: red =
reserved for particular households. Yellow = reserved for residents. Green =
vistor parking.  Parking is a big deal here - it limits what we can use the
CH for (or makes it tricky), and it limits how many extra
residents-with-cars we could have.  Resident households are guaranteed two
parking spots, but there's not a lot of slack beyond that. Our permits, our
topography, and our preferences all prevent us from paving much more than we

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