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The Cohousing Network (TCN), the umbrella nonprofit organization 
supporting Cohousing in North America, organizes a continental conference 
every two years. It's a great place to go to meet the people behind the 
55 Cohousing communities already built and the twenty-some under 
construction or in development and trade notes about what works, how to 
overcome obstacles, and how to keep communities strong AFTER they're 
built. And the next one is coming up next month, in a great place - the 
San Francisco Bay Area!

The conference, held July 20-22 at UC Berkeley's College of Environmental 
Design, includes extensive breakout sessions including ones on 
affordability, organic/retrofit cohousing, inter-community collaboration, 
different development options, and working with professionals. General 
sessions will provide a look back at ten years of living in Cohousing in 
North America, and Thirty years overall, as well as a look forward to the 
next ten years. Extra features include The Cohousing Store, an auction, 
banquet at the Berkeley Marina Radisson hotel, and lots of networking 

There's also still space available (conference attendees get first dibs) 
at pre-conference workshops on "Getting It Built" (led by Kathryn 
McCamant of The Cohousing Company) and consensus (led by Laird Schaub of 
the Fellowship for Intentional Community).

You can find everything about the conference, from breakout sessions to 
logistics to registration forms, at TCN's conference website:

The full conference costs just $195 for TCN members or members of groups 
that are part of TCN; $245 otherwise. Rates go up $50 this weekend, so 
register now.  A limited number of scholarships are available for 
volunteers and those in need; see the site for info on how to apply.

If you can't make the whole conference and you're in the area, at least 
come to the public lecture Friday evening, July 20, at the International 
House, where Eric Utne, founder of the Utne Reader, will speak on 
community. It's just a $10 suggested donation.

I can't urge you strongly enough to attend if you at all can... in every 
place the conference has been held before, people looking to make new 
communities happen have found that it really helped them reach the 
critical mass of enough people sufficiently educated about Cohousing to 
share the vision and translate it into action. I don't have any personal 
financial benefit by your attending... I just look forward to seeing you 

So if you're serious about making Cohousing happen in the East Bay or 
wherever you are, now is the time to get involved.


Raines Cohen <coho-L [at]> <>
Where we just recovered from a one-day DNS outage.

  Vice President, Swan's Market Cohousing [Old Oakland, CA]
Where a garden-committee sponsored "movies nite" in the CH featured "Day 
of the Triffids" and "Do the Rot Thing" (compost education).

  Member, East Bay Cohousing [no site yet] <>
Gearing up for our next meeting/orientation June 24.

  Boardmember, The Cohousing Network <>
Letting you know this really is the LAST chance for best rates for the
North American Cohousing Conference, July 20-22, Berkeley, CA.

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