RE: "have kids" "have nots" fighting over site
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Nothing to offer on how to resolve your conflict, but I
definitely agree with your suggestion of picking a town
and going for it.  At Oak Creek Commons, a couple from
Paso Robles selected a consultant, got an option on a
great site, and then went for it. This saved all of us
coming after a tremendous amount of time, effort, and
money, and fast tracked the project considerably.  Of
course it was a big risk, but it did pay off.  We are
almost ready to start construction with 25 members, and
more than 600K of member investment, over the course of
just under 24 months.

As a parent of grown children, I think you probably
have more influence over the quality of the schools
where you live than you may realize.  Poor quality
schools do not mean no kids, and does not even mean no
families, as the project may be more affordable for
young families in a less economically advantaged area.
And, as a long time resident of high rent suburban
areas in the Bay Area in Northern California, I think
that there does tend to be less diversity where there
is a lot of money.  The neighborhood where I live in
Mountain View has a large Hispanic population, lots of
Spanish speaking groceries and shops, and a large Asian
population, but that is because Mountain View has a
very high percentage of renters.  And Silicon Valley
attracts people from all over the world.  Next door in
Palo Alto, where my kids went to school, there was very
little diversity.  I admit to paying high rents in Palo
Alto, though, so my kids could get what amounted to a
private school education in the public schools.

A difficult problem you are faced with in your group.
Good luck.


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