An Ode to Participation
From: Michael Donovan (
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 13:47:01 -0600 (MDT)
In an attempt to gently let others in our cohousing group know that their
help was needed, one of our members, Gloria Gordon, penned this poem. With
her permission, I thought it should be shared with this list.

Michael Donovan
Village in the City Cohousing
St. Louis MO


minutes were written, folders were filed
e-mails were launched into the wild

agendas were crafted to move like a tango
reporting, discussing, deciding bang-bango

lists were listed, brainstorms recorded
tabled items revived and re-sorted

drafts were written, revisions made,
deletions, additions ad nausead

to those who forgot, reminders were sent
records were kept to the penny as spent

stuff was delivered, leg work was run
nuts and bolts fastened one by one

midnight oil was burned by the gallon
phone calls were made from here to O'Fallon


Amazed Members scratched their heads
how does it get done from the a's to the zed's?

Perhaps there are gremlins, elves or trolls?
Perhaps there are robots filling these roles?


And well you may wonder where this is going!
I haven't a clue....Over to you!

Gloria Gordon
Village in the City Cohousing
St. Louis MO 
© 2001

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