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From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 13:27:09 -0600 (MDT)
If what you mean by "House Rules" is guidelines for Common House use, here's 
what we at RoseWind are using, in Port Townsend WA. In the Fall we'll be 
re-evaluating them and maybe evolving them. Note that we've only been using the 
CH since April, so are perhaps erring on the side of caution till we see how it 
works. There is a separate, one-page, contract that people fill out when they 
reserve the space, including acknowledgement of responsibilities. 
-- Lynn Nadeau


* Visitors be with a member, unless other arrangements are made.  
* No smoking of any kind in the CH. 
* No cats, dogs or other furry pets inside the CH. 
* ALCOHOL may not be sold or provided by RW. If individuals bring alcohol to 
share, they are responsible for any consequences.
* Alcohol shall NOT be available to minors, must not be left unattended, or in 
the CH outside of the event time. 
* After 10 pm please keep noise from disturbing neighbors.
* Parking in designated areas. 
* Remove street shoes as a general rule, with exceptions as needed. 
* Clean up after yourself and any events. 

For now, we are not in a position to rent or loan the CH to entirely non-RW 
groups. When we have a better understanding of our legal situation, and of how 
much use RoseWind members can make of the building, we will be in a position to 
re-evaluate this. 


**PERSONAL SOCIALS are celebrations or purely social gatherings hosted by a RW 
member. Examples would be a birthday party, family gathering, Seder, or teen 
**SPONSORED EVENTS includes small meetings of a size one might normally have in 
one¹s home--a meeting of a committee, a gathering to discuss a book, to plan an 
event, to watch a video?as well as larger events such as would typically be 
held in a public place. 

a RW member must be named as responsible for the event. 
This person is referred to as the ³sponsor.²

All uses have an impact. A minimum donation is expected. 
For Personal Socials a minimum of $10. 
For Sponsored Events, a dollar a person. 

Donations can either be covered by the sponsor, or by a collection. Money will 
go to CH operating expenses. 

Sponsors will sign an agreement ahead of time, that they understand their 
If sponsors do not succeed in cleaning up and their other responsibilities, 
they risk losing the privilege of having such use. A damage deposit may be 

1) The sponsoring RW member must be an adult member, host, or participant of 
the group in question. 
2) Sponsor must be physically present at all times: first in, last out. 
Presence can be delegated to another RoseWind adult, but responsibility rests 
with the sponsor. 
3) Sponsor is responsible for
     =either having youth and rec rooms locked (see L. about keys), or ensuring 
that materials are used responsibly (if there are children in the youth room, 
they must be supervised)
      = knowing how to use any equipment (ie dishwasher) and seeing that it is 
used correctly
      = any damage, including funding repair or replacement (stains, dings, 
impaired function, etc)
      = compost, trash, recycling, laundry handled appropriately
      = checking and doing any necessary mopping, sweeping, table/counter 
wiping, furniture rearranging, etc. Check bathrooms too and clean up any 
visible mess.  
      =enforcement of House Rules; enforcement of alcohol rules.
      = turning off heat and lights and relevant appliances
= appropriate use and care of musical instruments
= safety in general (and of children in particular)
4) Sponsor or participants will supply own coffee and other food and 
refreshments, not from the common stores. OK to use dishes, dishwasher, 
cleaning supplies. 
5) For sponsored events, potluck ok, but no cooking from scratch, at least till 
we get more experience with the kitchen. 
For personal socials, cooking is ok. Scheduled personal use of the kitchen is 
also ok.  CH dishes and equipment stay at the CH. 
6) Take left and lost items home: don¹t leave them in the CH. 
7) Scheduling with a member of the ops team. Calendar sign ups on the bulletin 
board should be legible, with time frame and contact person. If there is a 
write-up of the event, post it nearby. 
8) Any decorations must be attached in such a way as to leave no 
trace afterwards (no tape/tacks on walls). 
Decorations removed by the next day, unless special arrangements have been made 
in advance. 
9) Clean up after any eating anywhere. Collect stray dishes, wipe up as needed. 
10) Written agreement signed. Money donation as requested. 

Note: Total privacy cannot be guaranteed: RW members always have the right to 
at least pass through on an errand. 

* ALCOHOL at non-RoseWind gatherings:
For Personal Socials, the same rules apply as for RW events. THE EXCEPTION IS 
Alcohol may not be sold or provided by RW. If individuals bring alcohol to 
share, they are responsible for any consequences by a drinker of it. 
Alcohol shall NOT be available to minors, must not be left unattended, or in 
the CH outside of the event time.
Leftover alcohol must be taken home. 

RoseWind events have priority. Non-RW events can¹t usually be scheduled in the 
slots that are in regular RW use. Currently that means Monday and Thursday 
evenings (supper and after), Friday late afternoon and some evenings, and 
second Saturday day time. If other slots come into regular use, as with the 
addition of cooked meals, those slots also are reserved for RW use. 

On-going slots (every Tuesday, every third Monday, etc) cannot be reserved at 
this point: events need to be calendared one at a time. 

Sharing: Every member has an equal right to use. We need to be sensitive to 
sharing fairly. 

Contact: To schedule a non-RW event, contact ..... 

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