Re: Meals and Dietary Preferences & Requirements
From: Mary E. Faccioli (
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 09:12:01 -0600 (MDT)
> The kids food is often very simple frozen food. I'd say that gets the
older kids to be more adventurous and eat more adult food.

Just curious - is it your experience that the adults experiment more with 
different types of food, too?  Do the meat eaters try the vegetarian/vegan food 
and enjoy it?  

I am asking because it has been my experience in other volume cooking/eating 
situations (not cohousing) that the meat-eaters very often gravitate to the 
vegetarian/vegan selections, much to the dismay of the meal planners who have 
been counting on certain numbers of folks in each category.  I was wondering if 
the process of cooking meals that accomodate both meat eaters and non might 
potentially get simpler as meat eaters became exposed to decent vegan or 
vegetarian food.  (Also at ELC we had a first run-through meal prepared by our 
most radically "organic-vegetarian" member, and one of our most adamant meat 
eaters commented "If we ate THIS every night I'd be converted." )

Mary Beth Faccioli
East Lake Commons
Atlanta, GA

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