homeowners assoc. dues
From: Peteramy8 (Peteramy8aol.com)
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 11:18:04 -0600 (MDT)

Hi. I'm writing from Pathways Cohousing in Northampton, Ma. We've all been
moved in for a little over a year and are considering changing the structure
of our dues. Right now for reasons that no longer exist, they are based
solely on # of bedrooms. I've read the archives and am very interested in the
dues that are a hybrid of expenses, some divided equally, some alloted by
square footage, etc. I have a couple of questions for those of you who do
this -
      1)Does each individual household have it's own unique fee, or are
there catagories?
      2)When changes occur in a household, such as an addition or a birth,
do changes in the fee occur right away or at the beginning of the next fiscal
      3) We're thinking that the costs shared equally will be for things
that are available to everyone, even though some households may use things
more or less that others. Have any of you ever had squabbling about this?
ie:" I never use the guest rooms in the common house, why should I pay for
their upkeep" (Not that we anticipate someone will say that but we were just

I appreciate your time and thought, Amy

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