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My partner and I will be in Seattle/ Bainbridge Island next week visiting =
relatives, and would love to get a chance to talk to cohousers in the =
area.   We are just getting together a group in Santa Cruz, CA, and =
thought it would be helpful to see how cohousing is working outside of the =
greater Bay Area.=20
If it would be possible to join your group for a meal, get an informal =
tour or just chat, please email me at saranda [at] (before Friday 7/6) =
or adreranda [at] ( after 7/6). =20


I, too, will be visiting Seattle in mid-August and would also appreciate
hearing from any cohousing groups who'd like a visit from a Connecticut
Yankee.  My sister lives in Kirkland, and while our evenings will be spent
listening to the Ring Cycle (any other opera fans out there?), she is willing
to spend daytimes checking out cohousing.  I've often said that if I weren't
so deeply attached to friends and family here in the east, then the Seattle
area would be my absolute first choice to live.

Greater Hartford Cohousing is actively looking for land, and in the throes of
deciding where, within a 30 minute driving radius of Hartford, the most group
members are willing to locate.  Too bad that 3000 miles west of the
Connecticut River is just a little bit beyond our range.

Christine Pattee
Greater Hartford CT Cohousing
c2pattee [at]
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