RE: Fw: [C-L] cohousing for older people
From: Rowenahc (
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 18:35:01 -0600 (MDT)
There have been discussions on the list here about issues for communities
that have a high proportion of older members.  I remember one post that I
particularly liked, said that in their community people aged over 80 were
exempt from work.

There are a number of older people who do like to live in segregated
communities and there are huge numbers of such communites around.  However,
many of us older folk do not want to live segregated from others and part of
the appeal of cohousing was its diversity in this respect!  When Cambridge
Cohousing started we attracted an older demographic group with only a couple
of families with young children.  Because those of us who wanted to live in
a mixed-age community were concerned about this trend we deliberately set
aside 30% minimum of the units for families with children under 15.  We
still have a substantial number of older folks - the oldest in their 80s -
but we also have a flock of youngsters, several of whom have been born here.
As for work - the oldest among us still participate in such things as
cooking, reshelving the library books, and committee work that does not
involve heavy lifting!


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