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Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 13:06:10 -0600 (MDT)
I couldn't find the thread on this subject, so don't know what has been
written so far about this subject. (I prefer a threaded discussion forum
over a list server for this.)  However, I'd like to add my two cents anyway.
At Windsong we have a small number of members who do not like written
policies or agreements of any kind.  The two reasons I've heard for not
having policies (or agreements) are:

1) Policies are created by people who just want to have control over others.

2) We don't need policies because we can just use common sense.

We have only 7 policies, 5 years after moving in.

The result, as I see it, has been a lot of confusion and a minority taking
control by making decisions, using their "common sense".  Windsong is a
great place to live, however, I think we've lost some of our democracy.

Ken Collerman
Windsong Cohousing
Langley, BC

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Just for the heck of it, after I sent my post combining cohousing, old folks
and the women's movement, I typed The Tyranny of Structurelessness into

There were ELEVEN PAGES of links!  (I orginally found the article by typing
in Jo Freeman, and hitting "I feel lucky". )  The second citation was "From
the Communities Directory: A Guide to Cooperative Living (second edition),
Published by the Fellowship for Intentional Community"

Obviously, I'm far from the first person to make the connection between
cohousing and the Women's Movement.  I'd still be interested in comments and
connections from folks on this list.

Christine Pattee
Greater Hartford CT Cohousing
c2pattee [at]

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