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Cohousing Resources has created a matching service to help potential
cohousers find existing and forming cohousing groups.

Sign Up Today for a free account by visiting:
<> and completing our
online application. We'll include you in our Matching Services listings for
your state, advertise your community in our Community Websites section, and
for those who desire, we'll help you build your community online using our
Free Community Websites.

Kelly ScottHanson

Cohousing Resources, LLC
Ecovillage, Cohousing & Sustainable Communities
Development and Consulting

email:          Kelly [at]
web site:

9813 NE Murden Cove Dr.
Bainbridge Island, WA  98110

(206)842-9203 FAX
(206)369-7755 Cell 

We hope you have found this information helpful. However, if you'd rather
not receive future e-mails of this sort from, simply
reply to this message with "Remove" in the subject line. 

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