Re: The Conference
From: Elizabeth Stevenson (
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 19:12:01 -0600 (MDT)
Indeed, the conference was incredibly well organized. Everything started on
time, and the organizers, though they must have been very stressed, were a
delight to be around.

What an incredible energy came from all of us. If you haven't been to a
conference, you should vow to give yourself that gift right now, for the
next conference.

I don't want to start rumors, but you're going to hear about this anyway:
Eric Utne wrecked Chuck Durrett's truck. I don't make the news, I just
report it.

Some more highlights from my perspective:

The bus tour of cohousing communities. Joani Blank(old Oakland, aka Swan's
Market)did the impossible, and kept us on time, seeing 9 communities spread
out over a hundred miles in eight hours. And we got good food, too. Seeing
other communities is the best inspirartion I can think of for future
cohousers. Every one of those communities is a must see, but I was
particularly inspired by Swan's Market, Temescal(the Methodist Cohousing!),
and Berkeley Cohousing(formerly Sacramento St.) These people have created
pockets of community out of tiny parcels of land and immense ingenuity and
hard work. And as Chuck said in the closing ceremony, a well designed,
beautiful community can get the idea of cohousing across better than any

Peter Jessup's (Pioneer Valley, Amherst, MA) moving account of what it means
to him to live in community. I hope that speech makes it to the website.

Eric Utne's speech. While we were listening to him, the temperature of the
room must have gone up 20 degrees. I started to wish I had sat on the end of
the row so I could get out of there. But something about his gentle and
thoughful words about creating community got through to the participants,
because I kept hearing his ideas as they related to particular topics over
and over in the sessions. He has a peaceful energy that is quite contagious.

The sessions, natch. Buy the tapes and look on the national website for more
information and to listen to them! Stay tuned for more info on that score.

Meeting so many people whom I've "known" for years, face to face. What a
privilege to know all of you.

The auction. If you weren't there, you missed some really hot action. There
may have been zoning ordinances broken. (I wonder how close the nearest
school is to the hotel?) Oh, well, it was all for a good cause. And a
certain very sexy sparkly shirt will be making the rounds of those who
played fast and loose with their cash.

I'm sure I'll think of more later. Thank you everyone who made the
conference such a phenomenal success. I'm still floating.

Liz Stevenson
Southside Park Cohousing
Sacramento California

> From: George Marx <gmarx [at]>
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> Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 14:22:11 -0700
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> Subject: [C-L]_The Conference
> I enjoyed the Conference - which ended a little over an hour ago -
> immensely!!!   It was very well organized.   The volunteer leadership and
> support were incredibly nice and efficient.   The food provided and the one
> meal we all had together were very good.  The workshops and larger sessions
> and free time were all handled incredibly well.   I will write in more
> detail when I have more time about particular workshops and larger sessions
> I attended.  
> Zev Paiss - pledged (as Raines evidently did in Amherst two years ago) that
> the 2003 Conference will be in Colorado (presumably Boulder) though that is
> not official.
> Thanks to all who created the Conference and attended!!!
> George Marx
> Alameda, California
> p.s. - questions - concerns are also welcome privately to me
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