Facilities Management
From: Ann Zabaldo (zabaldoearthlink.net)
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 15:39:30 -0600 (MDT)
Hello all!

Takoma Village Cohousing is a 43 unit community here in Washington, DC.  We
have a large physical community w/ about 55 adult members.  The overwhelming
number of adults -- 34 -- are single person households.  Only nine
households have more than one adult (this does not count households w/
renters.)  This presents us w/ some interesting challenges.

I am interested in finding out what *tools* built communities are using to
manage their facilities.  A tool can be anything from paper and pencil to
computer software (do please name the software!) to a professional
management company.

We've had discussions on this listserv before about the efficacy of using a
property management company in cohousing.  That is not my concern here.

I'm more interested in finding out *what* items are being tracked by
communities and how it's being done.

For instance, who tracks *repair schedules* and how?  (We have an elevator
so I track this and I do use paper and pencil.)  Who keeps track of *items
reported for repair*?  How is this information kept? (e.g. an individual
keeps the list in a file folder or notebook; or, maybe it's not tracked at

So...some categories to look at are:

bills/budgeting/income and expenses

tracking maintenance and repairs

community events (calendar)

inventory for common items e.g. filters for CH HVAC, soap, toilet paper,
paper towels, etc.

Other categories?

Could you also include the name of your community, esp. if it's not in your
signature line, the number of units in your community and the number of

Please reply to the listserv.  We can compile the answers (w/ our trusty
paper and pencil!) and report back to the listserv.

Mega thanks!!

Ann Zabaldo

Takoma Village Cohousing
Washington, DC. -- America's
zabaldo [at] earthlink.net

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