Re: Price Spread of Units
From: Jasmine Gold (
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 09:43:01 -0700 (MST)
> Jasmine,
> I suggest that you have an experienced cohousing development person,
> like
> Jim Leach, Katie McCamant, or myself, come in as an objective appraiser
> and
> set prices for you.  

Chris (and Liz), thanks for the suggestion. Katie is our project manager
and she set the original prices (including the $40,000 B unit discout,
the $7000 D increase, and the 11.66 across the board increase). The
original prices seemed to be fine. Katie is also the one who suggested
that we do some research ourselves into price spread since we are
concerned. She has said that it is especially difficult to find comps in
Sonoma County because it doesn't build the kind of housing they
typically use as cohousing comps. 

While I know that prices will vary tremendously from area to area, since
cohousing is unusual in building small and large units in the same
development, the Coordinating Committee felt that looking at price
spreads might help us in figuring out whether it is reasonable to cut
the higher prices more when we set our new prices. As I said, it is
Katie who suggested we do some looking ourselves (though she didn't give
us direction on how to do it). 

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