Re: Takoma Village Has a Clean Commonhouse!
From: Michael D (
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 11:44:01 -0700 (MST)
> How do you keep the commonhouse clean????

Since we don't have one yet, I can't answer this as you asked it.

> But he was the only one to
> take on task so things were done his way.

I can say for certain that the drill sergeant approach wouldn't work for me
or a lot of people I know.

My preference would be to have as many different options as possible for
people.  So, for example, everyone might have a task they've agreed to take
on for a month and to do at least once a week by Monday.

Then it's up to them when and how to do that.  People who like work parties
could do that.  People who like to work in the middle of the night could do
that.  People who like to work early in the morning could do that.  People
who want to pay someone else to do their job could do that.  People who
don't do their jobs would have agreed to be assessed the fee of paying
someone else to do it.

Then every month or so, the jobs would be rechosen.  For example, everyone
draws a number; then people choose the jobs they want to do in order of
their number.

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