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Hi Lisa!  Welcome to the listserv!

What commuinity are you with?  It would be a great service to include this
information in a signature line at the close of your messages.  I love
knowing what communities people are in or building.  Also can you include an
email link so it's easy to email you  directly?

Defintely like to know more about your community.


Ann Zabaldo

Takoma Village Cohousing
Washington, DC. -- America's
zabaldo [at]

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> This is my first try at this list...
> I've been watching strings on resale of existing units, and how the sale
> prices in cohousing tracks as compared to the local area.  Our experience
> at Tierra Nueva has been that units are most often sold via word-of-mouth,
> and don't even hit the open market before a deal is cut.  The first place
> to go for a seller is our long and growing waiting list.  Also, it seems
> units are usually sold by owner rather than involving real estate agents
> and their high fees.  I wonder if our experience is similar to other
> communities.  We've been in existence 3 years, with very little turnover
> until recently.
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