Re: (From Liz Stevenson) [C-L]_refrigerators redux
From: Elizabeth Stevenson (
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 08:41:02 -0700 (MST)
I know whenever I say something like that, I'll find out the situation is
different-but I think it's true for the most part, anyway.

Use anything I post as you want, but I appreciate your asking first.

It sure seems to me that not being able to use a standard refrigerator is a
design flaw that should have been avoided. I'll be interested to see what


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> Subject: Re: (From Liz Stevenson) [C-L]_refrigerators redux
> Liz and Joani,
> I assume that since you posted to the whole list, that I can forward your
> comments to the folks who are working on this problem?
> It's interesting.  Our architect is supposed to be "very good with
> interiors".  And the kitchens were actually largely designed by one of his
> associates, who IS a female.
> It's not clear to me that it's shutting the barn door; the units haven't
> been closed on yet.  We're the developer, so it's tricky financially, but
> we're certainly going to be seeing what kind of architectural/construction
> solutions can be proposed.
> -- Mabel :-)
> Mabel Liang
> mabel [at]
> Cornerstone Village Cohousing
> North Cambridge, MA
> On Sun, 25 Nov 2001, Elizabeth Stevenson wrote:
>> I was going to write that it was an architect problem, and not a
>> refrigerator problem, but it seemed to be shutting the barn door after the
>> horses got out, so I deleted it.
>> But it does bring up a point, doesn't it? I think it would behoove groups to
>> have a kitchen designer help them when it gets to that point in the process.
>> I think there is a real lack of knowledge about kitchen design in cohousing
>> homes, from what I've heard over the years. We have special needs, since our
>> kitchens tend to be more compact than regular homes. We, too have an oven
>> door/dishwasher problem, amongst many other problems in the kitchens, which
>> could have been averted with better planning.
>> Our architect got several awards for the design of this place, but the
>> kitchens could be lots better. I think this being a traditional female
>> territory, they just don't really care, architecture still being a
>> male-dominated profession.
>> --
>> Liz Stevenson
>> Southside Park Cohousing
>> Sacramento California
>> tamgoddess [at]
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>>> Subject: [C-L]_refrigerators redux
>>> At 12:01 PM 11/25/01 -0600, you wrote:
>>>> The problem isn't the fridge sticking out beyond the counter per se.  The
>>>> problem is that our architect doesn't seem to have designed with this
>>>> depth refrigerator in mind.  There are units where you can't open the
>>>> dishwasher or you hit the cabinets on the opposite side of a U when you
>>>> open the refrigerator door.  And one person in a wheelchair can't get her
>>>> fridge door open even with a side-by-side refrigerator.
>>> Ooops. That is a problem. When I moved into Doyle Street, I couldn't open
>>> my oven door because it banged into the closed dishwasher door handle. An
>>> architect would never design a door between rooms so it couldn't open.
>>> You'd think they'd have the same sort of sensibility about clearance for
>>> the doors of standard size kitchen appliances.
>>> Joani
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