Re: Shared values cohousing
From: George and Rosannah Stone (
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 10:59:05 -0700 (MST)
I agree wholeheartedly with the thrust of Fred's posting.  Cascadia Commons
book club has been reading John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty" this month (to
discuss this Thursday).  One theme in his (hard to read) book is that
freedom of thought and expression may be oppressed by either
government/rulers/law or by public opinion.  It appears to me that a refusal
to post this invitation would fall in the category of oppression by public

Shared-values cohousing would be an exercise of the right of freedom of
association.  I suppose that legal  issues could arise if persons who didn't
share the focal values were being strictly excluded, but so long as the
organizing principle is invitational it would seem that the cause of freedom
lies with endorsement of the enterprise.

For myself, I prefer a community of diverse values.

George Stone
Cascadia Commons, Portland, Oregon

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> This message was prompted by a request to post a message about a
> proposal / query of interest in a specific type of what I'll call
> "shared values cohousing".  See next message - it is more of an
> announcement so replies about the general topic should be made to this
> message (replies of interest in the proposal should go to the author of
> that message).
> Most of us know ( including the author of the message ) that usually
> cohousing communities are NOT limited to people who share one particular
> belief system (tho others have argued with some merit that people
> interested in cohousing tend to share some less particular beliefs).
> Also that McCamant and Durret wrote in thier book something that some have
> taken to suggest cohousing should not be organized along ideological
> lines.  Indeed I think shared values cohousing is likely to be even more
> difficult to organize than more 'regular' cohousing because of the
> increased difficulty of finding enough people who can agree on one site /
> location.
> But that does not mean it should not be attempted.  I say go for it; but
> with your eyes open.  A more fundamental characteristic of cohousing is
> that the residents decide how their community is organized, designed and
> operated.  I see no threat from 'shared values cohousing" just as I see
> other forms of intentional community as desireable alternative that
> appeal to some people.  Indeed I think we call all learn something from
> each other and therefore should keep lines of communications open.
> Fred
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