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> >Our Chesapeake Cohousing Group is in the site
> >finding-close-to-acquiring-land phase.  It has been mentioned often to
> >create different levels of membership. I would like information from
> >neighborhoods as to how this works or doesn't work,  if time of creating
> >this is important ( now or later), benefits, etc.
> The "easy" answer is that at the point when the group starts needing lots
> of cash, you need different levels of membership for the people who have
> put in serious money (thousands of $) versus the people who have "merely"
> put in hundreds of $. The way people make decisions and the compromises
> they are willing to make (or not make) is often very different depending
> how much money they have on the line. It can be helpful for people to put
> this "serious" $ into the group kitty before a site is actually acquired,
> but I don't know that it is necessary. Having an Associate membership
> also lets people get involved gradually and find out if the whole idea
> works for them before they make a big financial commitment.
> Our Seattle-area group has been in-and-out of this stage several times in
> the past two years. In our experience, people who hadn't put in
> equity-level $ were a lot less willing to compromise on what they thought
> was absolutely essential in a site.
> Two cents from a lurker,
> Katherine
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