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The CoHousing journal Summer 2000 lists a lot of data on all the
communities built in the first 10 years.  It is a very good resource!

It does not however list unit mix (sizes and types of units), just total
number.  I am in the process of gathering data on unit mix and common
house size and spaces.  You can request this from me in a month or so.

Laura Fitch

Fred H Olson wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Stephanie Weigel sjweigel [at] wrote:
> > I would be interested in knowing that your community has:
> > X [number] of [attached/detached] units on an X [acres] site.
> I remember making a table of denser cohousing with just these numbers
> but I cant find it (yet).  Stephanie, for the record what are the numbers
> for Village cohousing in Madison, WI ? I think it was in that illusive
> table.
> Thanks for asking, I'm interested also.
> Fred
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