WHite elephant Gift exchange
From: Rob Sandelin (floriferousmsn.com)
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 17:59:14 -0700 (MST)
Mac and Sandy asked me for more details about this.

Every attendee brings a wrapped gift. Numbers are handed out. the opening
begins with #1, who selects a gift and opens it. #2 comes next, they have
the choice of taking any opened  gifts, or picked a wrapped one. If they
take an open gift, the person they took it from gets to take an open one or
a wrapped one. This goes on until all the numbers and presents are gone.
Then person #1 gets to pick from any available open gift.

Additional Rules: The third owner of any gift is its final owner, a gift
unavailable be taken after the thrid person gets it

The  selection of the gifts is intended to be humorous, and some folks have
gone out of their way to acquire seriously wacky stuff. For example, for
years a Reverso Vacectomy repair kit, complete with tubes and small faucets
has made its rounds. As has a punk polka Christmas CD. Some gifts are kind
of weird cool, and some of the gifts have an, uh, adult theme, and its an
excuse to drink and party so we make it an adult party. The kids do their
own thing.

Rob Sandelin

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