Re: I don't buy the "stages of groups" theory.
From: Racheli&John (
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 10:32:01 -0700 (MST)
** Reply to note from "Rob Sandelin" <floriferous [at]> Sat, 8 Dec 2001 
17:37:53 -0800
>From Racheli

Hi Rob,
It seems to me that the title of your post ("don't buy the "stages of 
groups" theory), and what you're saying in your actual post
don't mesh.
IMO stages exist.  I agree that they are not  "absolute" (what
is?) - in that they don't always follow a strict pattern, but I've 
yet to see a group which doesn't go through phases. 

My community (Sonora Cohousing) is going through a really
difficult phase right now.  It's been roughly a year since 
we moved in.  The amount of what looks to me like power
struggles; lack of ability/willingness to work by consensus (in
the real sense, ie: willingness to listen to opposing views);
etc. is astounding.  
I sure hope we can look forward to better times!  :(


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