Results of query about lot size/# units available
From: Stephanie Weigel (
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 11:12:01 -0700 (MST)
Hi all,
Thanks to those who wrote me with information on lots sizes and number of
units/buildings and site configurations.  Of special interest to me as an
urban and regional planning student was the information that folks provided
on issues of planning and zoning that may have influenced the number of
units, or way the units were clustered on the sites, protected lands, etc.

The results I have for 17 communities I have summarized in an Excel
spreadsheet. I can also provide it as an .html file, which should come up
in your web browser (it works for me).  Since the cohousing-l doesn't work
with attachments, I will respond to individual requests for the files,
please let me know which version(s) you want.

Send the request to me, not to the list, so as to keep traffic down.

sjweigel [at]

Also, I am still trying to track down an issue of Cohousing Journal
(recent, I believe sometime in 2000) that has a similar listing of lot
sizes, etc. for communities. If someone knows the specific reference can
they send it to me? If I have issue and page # I can possibly order through
interlibrary loan. 

Thanks again.

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