children liking cohousing
From: Elizabeth Stevenson (
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 13:35:01 -0700 (MST)
> And probably a good reason for the kids to hang out anywhere but at the
> cohousing when they get old enough to hang somewhere else. Alternation of
> generations? How DO you keep 'em down on the co-op, after they've seen the
> Mall?
> Ormond Otvos

We've had our children grow up in cohousing, and many of them want to live
in cohousing when they grow up. Some don't. But a neighbor just told me that
her son told her he couldn't imagine raising his(as yet unborn) children
anywhere else.

My son would like to get out of cohousing and into a bland suburban
subdivision, because he always has a lot of fun when he visits friends in
those situations. What he doesn't realize is that when he's not there, those
kids have to make dates to play, and they spend a lot of time bored out of
their minds. Maybe his kids will end up back in cohousing!

Here's my cohousing fantasy: the communities grow and flourish, and
following generations do things like have summer meetings of the "clans",
where the young adults can't wait to go for socializing and looking for
potential mates, there are internet chat rooms for cohousing kids, and we
have "cohousing games" every few years. All kinds of ideas come to me, some
old-fashioned, some new. I do hope that there becomes someday a greater
cohousing culture that we can pass on to younger generations.

Pie in the sky stuff, but I think some of it may happen. The internet has
made it possible for far-flung people to build communities.

Liz Stevenson
Southside Park Cohousing
Sacramento California
tamgoddess [at]

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