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If you live in the Bay Area or are planning a visit to this area, you may 
wish to participate in the tour described here. This will be the last 
Northern California tour to be led by Ken Norwood of the Shared Living 
Resource Center, author of Rebuilding Community in America, who has been 
leading these tours several times a year for more than six years.

The tour previously scheduled by Ken for May 11 will be led by me and Karen 
Hester from Temescal Commons Cohousing also in Oakland. So keep this in 
mind if you cannot attend the February tour but might be available in the 
Spring. [If you would like to look at another, briefer description of 
SLRC's Tours, check out this url:]

I'm posting the text of Ken's current flyer here for more details about the 
February 16 tour:

Hello, this is Ken Norwood, Director of the Shared Living Resource Center, 
Inc. (SLRC) in Berkeley, California. <>

The next SLRC Cohousing Tour is on February 16, 2002. Some of you are
relatively new to Cohousing and Cooperative Community concepts, so you,
your family, and friends will probably be interested in this tour, or
one of the others in the future (see below*) If you have already been
on a SLRC tour please pass this notice on to others in your core group,
family, friends, work mates, and email lists. By so doing you may
trigger other dissatisfied urban dwellers to seek a new direction in
their lives that they have silently desired. Spread the word about this
tour, and your wings, and change the world by changing your own
lifestyle into Cohousing.

*SPECIAL NOTICE!: This is the last Cohousing tour I will be leading. I
have enjoyed producing and leading these SLRC tours for over six years,
but now have decided to turn my creative expression to writing more
books, and articles related to “community.” However, the tours are
saved. Joani Blank, a resident of Swan's Market Cohousing, formerly a
co-owner at Doyle Street Cohousing, and a board member of The [North
American] Cohousing Network will be leading a similar tour in May of
this year. Joani led a very successful Bay Area tour during the July
2001 North American Cohousing Conference in Berkeley. She will join us
for the Feb. 16 tour, and will lead the May tour in place of SLRC and
Ken. In future years these tours may become a regular program of The
Cohousing Network.

Wake-Up Call — 2002
“It is Time for Community in America”

Next Tour: Saturday, February 16, 2002, 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
The Shared Living Resource Center's (SLRC) Tour of Cohousing and
Cooperative Communities is for families, couples, & singles seeking
Cohousing, AND, city officials, planners, architects, lenders, and for
profit and non-profit housing developers.

These tours, by Ken Norwood, AICP, Architect-Planner, address the need
for Family-Friendly Livable Communities, Sustainable Development, and
protection of Farmland & Open Space while creating private family
friendly living places and common places in ecological villages.

Tour Arrangements
Tour Cost is $75, bring your lunch; Reservations, call 510-548-6608;
Pay by check to SLRC Tour, address below, or by charge card on phone or
email <slrcnorwood [at]>. Cancellation Policy: $50 refund before 
Feb. 4th.. and $35 refund for later cancellations only if all bus seats are 
taken by someone else before February 15th. Lunch: Important! Bring your 
lunch to eat in the “N” Street Cohousing’s totally redesigned backyards— a 
must see. There is no room on the schedule for stops at a store.

Meeting Place & Time: Meet at 2337 #9 Parker Street @ 8:00 a.m. on
February 16th. Take I-80 to Ashby Ave. or University Ave. off ramps to 
Shattuck to Parker, or BART to dntn. Berkeley, & a 5 min. bike, AC Bus #40L to
Parker Street, or 10-15 min., walk South.

The SLRC Book and other books on community will be available. The tour 
price of “Rebuilding Community in America:....” will be $22.00 including 
tax (reg'ly $24.50+ tax) See <> for more about the book 
and other “community”

Livable Community Models for the 21st Century

• Doyle Street Cohousing, Emeryville, Calif. (45 min. visit) This was a
factory building redesigned for in-town housing of 12 varied size units,
with a common kitchen, dining, and social area, laundry, workshop,
playroom, decks, and a hot tub. It was the first in the Bay area..
• Swans Marketplace Cohousing, Oakland, Calif.. NEW in 2000! (45 min.
visit) These 20 units and a common house, with kitchen, dining, and
other amenities, are part of the historic preservation of the old Swans
Market in a mixed use downtown transit-neighborhood.

• Pleasant Hill Cohousing, Pleasant Hill, Calif. NEW in 2001! ( 45 min. 
visit) Another urban infill Cohousing, 32 units and common house on 2.2 acres.
Mixed ages and family types, next to the Iron Horse Trail with easy
access to BART.

• N Street Cohousing, Davis, Calif.: (Lunch Stop, 1-1/4 hr. visit) 14
adjacent existing 2-4 bedrm. houses and back yards joined as one
community, with amenities: a sauna, hot tub, chickens, play areas, etc.
The first fence was removed in 1989, and in 1992 the common house was
remodeled from an existing house. (We may do a drive-by of Village Homes

• Muir Commons, Davis, Calif.: (Drive-by only) The first Cohousing in
America in the Danish village street format has 26 units, a large common
house, a work shop, bicycle sheds, and orchards, vines, and gardens on
2-1/2 acres.

• Temescal Cohousing, Oakland, Calif.: NEW in 2000! (45 min. visit)
This 9 unit community cluster shows how Cohousing can upgrade existing
older neighborhoods with a mix. of new infill development, reuse, and
the rehab. of a historic farm house. It is ecologically designed with
many green building features and the roofs are made of solar panels.

• Berkeley Cohousing, Berkeley, Calif.: (Drive-by & photo stop only)
This 14 unit mixed use new residential infill, reuse, and rehab cluster
on 3/4 acre began with the farm house many years ago, which now is the
common house. It is near the North Berkeley BART station. .

• Parker Street Co-operative, Berkeley, Calif. (45 min. visit) This
Limited Equity Housing Cooperative (LEHC) is 24 one bedroom units in two
three story 54 year old buildings, with new common amenities created by
members who co-own/co-manage this below market rate Co-op.

It is Time for Creating Sustainable Cities, Reversing Global Warming,
and Coping With Global Economics. See Why Cohousing Communities Are
Gaining Popularity. Are You Ready for the 21st. Century?

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