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From: Yuliya Begma (
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 06:10:02 -0700 (MST)
To Whom It May Concern:
This is the letter from Yuliya Begma ? a sociologist
of Donetsk Institute of Industrial Economics, Ukraine.
The sector of economical sociology of the Institute
has recently started to work on a three-year program
dedicated to the research and practical implementation
of the concept of neighborhood community
self-government. This is a field altogether new for
the FSU countries, but the one which as we believe is
a powerful and so far underestimated resource of
social and economical opportunities for this country
and  Donetsk region in particular.
We believe that putting the concept in practice in
Ukraine, would help to alleviate poverty and solve
numerous problems in social and economical sphere.
Influencing legislation conductive to neighbourhood
associations could become a step to legitimisation of
the popular participation in community management and
promote participatory development in this country. 
The concept of co-housing being as we understand very
applicable as a part of neighbourhood development
efforts in the urban areas is of an immense interest
for us. It seems natural to us to try and adopt or
rather adapt the experience western countries have in
this area. I do not think I?ll make a mistake if I
state that the whole idea of community development is
a very American concept. 
Thus, I would be very grateful if you could, if
possible, direct me to the sources of information or
provide information or publications covering the
approaches to community development and co-hosing
initiative as one of them.  Any information describing
the legal provisions for neighbourhood development and
participation and co-housing issue would be really
precious as we as a research institute are trying to
influence the legislation in this country and make it
favourable for the involvement of the neighbourhoods
in development and do not have sufficient example at
hand. Of course, I would dream to have a look at the
statute of a neighbourhood association and of
collective house and I would really much appreciate
such a copy.
Means and models of interaction between neighborhood
associations and local authorities (state bodies and
the bodies of local self-government) are of crucial
importance for us as according to the legislation
which has just been adopted and that we have ambition
to amend the ?bodies of local self organization of
citizens? (as CBOs are termed) are subordinated to the
bodies of local self-government and are a part of the
same vertical, which is not the way we could accept
It is about a month since I subscribed to the
co-housing digest and I must admit I envy you pretty
much as it seems it would take another 20-30 years
before we will be celebrating a community house
housewarming or discuss the issues like the proper
size of the dinner table or a decent table cloth at a
good price.

Thank you in advance,
Best wishes for the day,
Yuliya Begma

Please, mail to: ybegma [at]

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