RE: protecting children from age-inappropriate films
From: Ruddick, T.R. (
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 11:21:02 -0700 (MST)
SOMEBODY is gonna gripe out loud about this thread having nothing to do with
cohousing I'll bet.

From: "Laura Fitch, A.I.A." <lfitch [at]>

"Just a word of warning to any other parents out there considering taking 
a young child to Lord of the Rings.  I thought it was absolutely awful, 
and really wish we had paid attention to the PG13 rating before taking 
Eliot, our 8 year old son."

From: catya [at] (Catya Belfer-Shevett)

"In this lovely culture we live in, R ratings are given for sex.  It's 
perfectly OK to show violence to 13 year olds, of course."

I agree that the ratings are useless for responsible parents.  That's why I
was glad when my wife discovered "Moviemom" on the internet.  You can
probably find that web site easily if you use that term in your search
engine--I regret that I don't have the precise URL handy.

Moviemom gives detailed analyses of sex, profanity, nudity, violence, adult
situations, and a plot summary.  Unlike some of the more prudish critics,
the site differentiates between slapstick and real brutality.  I find the
sites age recommendations to be consistent with my own values--I'm guessing
that others with different values would be able to extrapolate.

My boys are a precocious 10, a moody 14, and a manic 15.  This web site has
enabled us to make satisfying, informed decisions about which R films were
OK and which PG-13 films weren't.
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