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From: Yuliya Begma (
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 05:22:02 -0700 (MST)
Dear Patty Mara Gourley and co-housing list members,

Thank you for your warm words and concern and, please,
forgive me the delay with the answer.
Yes, indeed the idea of co-housing seems to be
spreading fast, still faster in Russia than in
Ukraine, but the hope is that the background
experience of the nation as a whole would stimulate
the process. 
The collective nature of the Slavonic nations has been
more than once stressed and at some points in history
it was considered a natural base for the communism
(which is currently a threat in certain sense). 
In the post WWII period the USSR had to solve the
housing problem and at that point the ?communal flats?
and youth cooperatives were seen as an answer. My Mum
still believes that the only true way of making tomato
soup is the one of aunt Gala ? a communal flat
neighbor of her, which does not oversimplify my
cookery endeavors.

I was pleased to receive a copy of shared household
by-laws from Allen Hancock and really helpful
references and info from Robyn Williams, Alison
Truesdale, Amy Rountree, George and Rosannah Stone,
Hans Tilstra and I would like to thank them, but still
as I obviously enjoy the process I wonder whether it
is really possible to search the archives if there are
And I would really appreciate the ?Statement of
Community Principles? that you mention.You see we do
not have the example at hand of how it should be and
all kinds of descriptions the lengthier the better are
really welcome.

Would the same dance apply to healing the land? A
colleague of mine has just started a project on
restoring the fertility of the land devastated as a
result of coal mining practices. He is applying some
technology based on processing the waste soil
resorting to some natural phenomena- certain
California worms among them. The situation in the
areas where the mines are closed is bad enough, so it
is desirable to combine community building and
environmental techniques.

I would really like once again to thank the list
members for the warm welcome and response. I was
really touched and promise to join back whenever I
think I have good news to share.

Warm regards,

Yuliya Begma

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