Revisiting Decisions
From: Ted Chesky (
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 20:43:01 -0700 (MST)
A while back I sent out a post looking for input on how communities handled the situation where some residents want to reconsider a decision the group made earlier. A bunch of you gave me helpful information that enabled our developing community to formulate a general policy for dealing with this situation in a way that would let us revisit decisions that obviously needed more thought, without making it so easy that we'd be constantly covering old ground. Below is the proposal that was recently approved by our group (37 households). Thank you all for your comments,
Ted Chesky
Great Oak Cohousing, Ann Arbor MI

Proposal (approved):
A minimum of six residents, each from different households, must support re-opening a decision before it can be brought back before the group. It is not necessary that multiple persons within a particular household agree to re-open the decision. As long as one person in a particular household supports re-opening the decision, that household is counted toward the minimum of six.

A group of households that wants to revisit a decision may share its concerns with the committee that first introduced the proposal, or may ask Infoco [our agenda coordinating/communications committee] to put the item on an upcoming agenda.

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