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Becky Schaller wrote:

I have a couple questions about common meals.  It seems to vary considerably
as to how long cooking and cleaning up takes in our community.  I'm
wondering about other communities. We are presently averaging about 25
diners with 2 cooks and 3 cleaners.

1.  On average,how many people come to a common meal in your community?

56.  Pioneer Valley has 32 households and 5 rental units.

2.  How many cooks and cleaners do you scheudule?

1 head cook, 2 prep cooks
3 cleaners: dishes, pots, floater (puts everything away, checks that dining room is clean, compost, trash, helps1 others

3.  How long does it usually take the cooks to cook and the cleaners to

Head cook 3-8 hours depending on meal. prep cooks 2-3 hours

We have a rotation of very simple meals with recipes all calculated and simple instruction for alternatives (non-dairy, no peppers, etc.) These recipes rotate through a three month cycle (2 meals/week x 4 weeks x 3 months = 24 standard meals). Any cook that is happy with the standard meal can get away with 3-5 hours, but if they prefer to prepare their own favorite custom meal, it is likely to take longer.

clean: 1 hour each totaling about 3 hours

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